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Skeletal Fiends of Hero Quest, Mission Complete


Skeley’s two cousins are now painted… an Army of Three! There would be more, but not too sure where they are at the moment. The most fun was experimenting with the different textures on the blades and the staff (but that is less visible in these pictures). I took an old brush and cut off some of the bristles, straight across, making them shorter and good for dabbing/stippling. I followed Josh’s expert opinion ^_~ and used the darkest shade first, then layered on the lighter ones. It gives the blades a really gruff, unrefined, tetanus-spreading look, which is perfect because I can’t see these guys working on their blacksmithing skills over their spare time, and they don’t seem to care much for infections.

Thanks again baby for all your help! ^_^ I hope I can do the rest of your figures justice!

Normal View (incomplete)

Normal View (incomplete)

Final Versions (zoomed in)

Final Versions (zoomed in)

Three different blade and staff textures

Three different blade and staff textures

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