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Zombie Ressurection


Painted the first mummy from HeroQuest board game. This time, I switched to a different brand of paint instead of Citadel called Formual P3. I gotta say I like this brand much more; it seems to go on much smoother. Foundation and washes are Citadel and the paints are P3.

Front view

I love using the 18/0 brush! It is the absolute best for getting into the the little nooks and corners, especially the eyes. Painting the zombie was a bit more of a challenge than the skeletons and the mummies since there are facial features, creases in clothing, and hair to take into consideration this time. I like the way he came out, although I should make the next zombie less green. I did not have rust color for the axe, so I just dabbled some bestial brown on there and it seemed to work out all right.

Back view

Back view

The back of the zombie threw me for a loop a couple of times. My first time painting hair. Not too proud of it. It ended up looking like seaweed or sewage slosh, but I guess if you’re the undead it works out all the better. I drybrushed his hair with black and added a bit of Badab Black wash at the end.

By the way, I’m not sure what those things sticking out down the middle of his jacket are. At first I thought it is his spine poking through the shirt, but that doesn’t make any sense. The rest of him is so meaty after all. Come to think of it, he’s pretty wholesome for a zombie. Maybe they’re great big stitches. I’ve got no clue, so I just painted them red with the jacket. Whatever they are, least they match the apparel. 😀

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  1. DerJan permalink
    2009/04/17 1:05 am

    today I quick painted two HQ zombies too.
    I always thought that part on the jacket might be the spine as well…
    but today it occured to me that are the stitches where the cloth is sewed together!!!
    (wow only took me 20 years to figure that out…

  2. 2009/04/17 2:04 pm

    That’s funny! Oh you’re right, I can see it now. It’s harder to see on the actual figure because the stitches stick out so far. Thanks for sharing, now I can sleep again lol

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