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Painting Josh’s HeroQuest Figurines


With school hard on the roll, I have taken a haitus from painting the rest of his HeroQuest figures. These are the finished ones as of now:


Mummies, Front

The mummies are good figures to start painting with. They also don’t require much attention to detail. A good investment is purchasing a 18/0 paint brush at your local art store. Trust me, that thing will get into all the nooks and crannies much better than any Citadel fine detail brush.

Mummies, Back

Don’t like the red one though, will have to redo that one. I was trying to go for a mummy stained with blood, but he just ended up looking like he’s caked in red mud or an egregious amount of spaghetti sauce.

Mummies and blade textures

Some skeletons and blade textures

Painted the skeletons next. I used Bleached Bone on all of them (you can see on the left one what it looks like without wash), but depending on the amount of wash you put, you’ll get different variations of the “old and dirty” effect obviously. Also, experimented with different colors and textures on the blades and staffs.

Realistic View lolz

Finished versions of the skeletons from a more realistic view

Zombies, Back

Zombies, Back

It got progressively harder once I started painting the zombies. They had clothing, hair, and other details to consider… like giant staples on the back of their jackets? What?

Mummies, front

Zombies, front

The first one turned out too green, like the Hulk,its eyes look too sunken in; he just lacked that decayed look that zombies love so much. Needless to say, the second one turned out much scarier: bright white eyeballs, his unfortunate victims’ blood spilling out around his mouth and strewn across his chest, clothes, and axe. I wouldn’t want to run into this one. He’s on some kinda killing streak.. the kind that will charge straight for the kill, not caring about letting his buddies score some points.

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  1. gomez permalink
    2008/10/30 4:19 am

    dude – no offence but you need to be more frugal with your washes and try some dry brushing before you start on the base coat. you’re skeletons are nearly there but they need a top coat of bone to help with the contrast and the highlights.

  2. Nyssa permalink*
    2008/10/30 7:51 am

    None taken. I’m open to suggestions people have because I’m just learning on my own as I go. The skeletons were literally the third kinda figures I’ve painted, and the first time I’ve ever used washes. Thanks for the comment, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind ^^

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