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Show Your Support Where It Counts


The time for ghouls and goblins is nearly here, and right on their heels are the holidays. That fuzzy feeling that burgeons from deep within recalls mouth-watering Thanksgiving dinners, carved pumpkins and autumn leaves, hot cocoa, snowflakes and Christmas trees.

But the Red Ring of Death doesn’t care. It has zero qualms about crushing that season of cheer beneath its cold, heartless, red, ringy boots. So what if our long-anticipated game is finally released, after months and months of postponement?

If you know know someone who is bereaved by the sudden death of his/her 360, show your compassion and support with these hand-made cards created by bsangel.

Blinged Console Condolence Card, created by bsangel

Message Inside

Full View

Blinged Holiday Card, by bsangel

Blinged Holiday Card, by bsangel

Inside, Blinged Holiday Card

Inside, Blinged Holiday Card

Check out bsangel’s store for more unique and beautifully hand-crafted cards.

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