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So You Think You’re the Cooking Mama?


One of the things I can look forward to in the married life is cooking for my hubby! Does that mean I can whip up his favorite dishes yet? Not at all! Until then, I may have to ease him into eating some of my so-called cooking. Thanks to Anna the Red, the real cooking mama, I’ll be making our dishes along with his favorite games. What better way to woo my fianceé in the married life?

(c) AnnatheRed

Smash Bros. bento, Kirby, Yoshi, and Pikachu

Anna makes beautiful “bentos,” or Japanese lunch boxes. Among her video-game-themed bentos are other tasty creations featuring adorable anime characters. Learn how to bento for your special someone n_n That is, if you can resist framing them first.

Click here to visit her blog: “Anna the Red’s Bento Factory”
Click here to check out her how-tos on flickr

(c) AnnatheRed

Big Daddy bento

(c) AnnatheRed

Cooking Mama bento

(c) AnnatheRed

Portal bento

Katamari Damacy bento

Katamari Damacy bento

Professor Layton bento

Professor Layton bento

Where the Wild Things Are storybook bento

Where the Wild Things Are storybook bento

The more I look at this stuff, the more I want a fps bento . Doom II perhaps? Halo? Or maybe one to celebrate StarCraft 2 n_n

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  1. 2009/01/04 5:18 pm

    Cute ideas, Great post 🙂

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