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Situated snuggly in the Silverlake hills, the coffee boutique sits beside a busy street. As I walked through the back door, my first impression is designer coffee. We saw this place on TV the night before and this is definitely a place you come for the experience (unless you got a particular palate and a fat pocketbook to support the lifestyle). I was pretty surprised by the amount of people there, given the kind of economy we’re in. Nonetheless, the setting is shabby chic, light and airy, if not a bit cramped. The staff was also very sweet.

We ordered the Siphon Coffee (the main reason we went), 4 slices of Not Quite French Toasts, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, 2 BLTs,  each came with a side of plantain chips. Last but not least, we ordered a dessert coffee, the doughnut infused espresso drink with jelly. We tried to go on the cheap by sharing the one shot of coffee among 4 people  lol. All in all, our bill came up to around $90 including tax. We left feeling hungry, but we expected as much. It was a mostly satisfying experience for sure, and one that I’d recommend if you don’t mind shelling out. For that reason, it’s likely a place that I won’t visit again for a long time, otherwise I’d love to try out their dessert coffees.


Store front, pictures from their website

Siphon Coffee, a Japanese-invented brewing method

The sandwiches we had looked just like these

The sandwiches we had looked just like these

Jelly Donut in Coffee

Jelly Donut in Coffee

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