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Organizing Your Workstation & Equipment


It’s nice to have a dedicated work place for all your painting needs—a place to store your tools, supplies, and figurines, all ready to go as soon as you step into the room. However, that’s a luxury I just don’t have, and that probably goes for many others out there as well. I have one desk where almost all my tasks are done, from studying to paying the bills. As you can imagine, it is just too much to rearrange everything sometimes so that I can get set up to paint. At times I just prefer to work in a different room. So having a working system is all about convenience and clearing the clutter so you’d feel free to do what you want, where you want.

Today I wanna share a system that I’m currently using, a system that addresses the issues of space, organization, consolidating your tools and supplies, and still be mobile. It consists of two different storage units:

1) a carrying case that holds all the equipment and supplies for immediate use and

2) a stationary storage unit with drawers.

What’s nice about this system is that I can go wherever to work and still have all the things I need. I can always return to the Sterilite container to replenish whatever supplies I’ve used up, to switch out some paints, and do it all with convenience. As a side note, I’m a newbie at this hobby, so I don’t have a sizeable amount of stuff. This is sufficient storage for my needs at the moment. Obviously if you have a lot more stuff (you’re probably a veteran and already have a system down), you may have to purchase more than one stationary storage container, or may need a larger one.

1737 3-Tray from Classic Tray Series

This is a medium Flambeau Outdoors tackle box I purchased at Wal-mart for under $15. It’s much cheaper than buying a similar item from, say, Art Bin. What I like about this type of case is that it has several levels of trays, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of room to hold your main tools in one place. The trays are divided into smaller compartments, allowing you to organize your brushes, filers, loose pieces from minis, what have you.

I store all the supplies I’ll be immediately using in this toolbox, so wherever I decide to work I can just grab this thing and go. Or if I’ll be transitioning to another work area while I’m in the middle of a project, I can do so with ease.

Overhead view

Overhead view

Side view

Side view

It all fits in a box :]

It all fits in a box :>

Easy to label compartments 3

Easy to label compartments. I'm in organize heaven ❤

The second item is a medium-sized Sterilite container with three drawers. This is the stationary storage unit, and it can be whatever container that’s most convenient for you. Here is where I keep the rest of my equipment— things that I don’t need to use at the moment, and extra tools and supplies. You can store this unit wherever you like, preferably somewhere that you can access easily.

Well, that’s it!  I hope this helped you out a bit. If you have any organization methods you use, feel free to share. I’d love to hear them.

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