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Inspiration, Simply Shabby Chic


I’ve always loved soft homely things, but recently I’ve been warming up to the fresh vintage designs that let you create a modern country/cottage-like atmosphere. So while I was wandering through a local Target today, I gravitated towards Simply Shabby Chic as soon as I laid eyes on the bed linens. Lately, I’ve been on this path of finding the right kind of aesthetics. Kind of hard to describe, but here goes: it’s trying to define home for the first time through colors, warmth, comfort, softened light, and maybe in a word, love. I think what brought all this on is Joshua building a home for us, so maybe it’s the womanly nesting instincts kickin in (something cooler than video games… strange, but nice!). Anyway, Rachel Ashwell, founder of Shabby Chic, just got it right. I am absolutely loving her designs.

However, I was sad to find out that Ashwell filed for Chapter 11 earlier this year. While the stores have closed down, Ashwell said that some products will continue to sell through Target and that she’ll return when she’s ready again. I hope things work out for her and wish her the best of luck.

Photo by Ichay

Photo by Ichay
Photo by Ichay

Photo by Ichay
Photo by Ichay

Other shabby chic designs and variations with coastal living…

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this ^_^

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