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Supreme Chef Salad


Last night I decided to break out of the usual and make a monster salad for dinner. The greens consist of a roughly chopped head of romaine lettuce. I sliced up 1 cucumber and 3 roma tomatoes.

For the meats, I usually just shred up some deli meats, but I had a lot more free time last night, so why not spend the extra time?  I marinated 3 drumsticks in the Trader Joe’s Teriyaki sauce, steamed them, then deboned them, and cut them into bite sizes like the roma tomatoes. I went with drumsticks because they were pretty cheap (consider us college kids) and I enjoy dark meat because I find it to be moister and more tender than strips of chicken breast. But white meat will work great as well. We also had leftover strips of turkey meat so I tossed some of that in there as well.

For the eggs, I boiled a small pot of water (enough for 4 eggs). As soon as it reaches boiling point, turn off the fire, put the eggs inside, taking care not to crack them. Then leave the cover on an let it sit for about 15 minutes. I found that this gives it a good “chef-salad” texture. I’m horrible at just boiling eggs because I have a tendency to overcook them, so this way worked best for me. By the way, I kept two of the egg yolks and tossed the other two after they were cooked to limit the cholesterol.

Chill all the ingredients before dinner time. Don’t forget to add cheese or croutons if you’re a fan of those. This summery dish is surprisingly filling and can serve about 4 people.  Enjoy with a chilled glass of white wine of your choice!

Click here to download this recipe for your meal-plan note cards.

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