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Stir Fry Spinach: Simple and Tasty


There are some veggies that taste better when they’re on the mushier side. Spinach is not one of them.   I tossed in some chopped garlic and shallots in an oiled pan. The shallots aren’t necessary, but I do enjoy the flavor they add. Once they started to brown, I added the spinach in and flavored with some salt and pepper. This stuff cooks pretty quickly, so you may wanna mix it around the pan a bit.

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Inspiration, Nautica Sea Breeze Blues


Today’s inspiration comes from various bedding schemes by Nautica. I’ve always loved their blues and whites combined in solids and stripes. There’s something about the bold masculine navy blues contrasted by the clean crisp whites that’s exciting. It makes me feel like throwing the windows open and letting the breeze flow through the room. Or maybe I’m just thinking about sailing. Read more…

How You Know It’s True Love…


My honey and I created a list of our top 40 games, all in good fun. It was fun takin’ a walk down memory lane.  This also gave me a chance to play with Photoshop a little bit. Thanks babe for all your help :] So without further ado…

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The Piano Collections of Final Fantasy


You don’t need to be an avid player of the Final Fantasy series to appreciate their majestic soundtracks, particularly those created by the accomplished composer Nobuo Uematsu. If you are a fan or just love great piano music, I think you’ll enjoy this.  Thanks to SilvaGunna for sharing the music, you can listen to over 100 songs from some Final Fantasy Piano Collections discs. Maybe you’ll feel the romance, ride the thrills, or be touched by the acoustic poetry that is Mr. Nobuo Uematsu.

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One Man Rock Band


If you haven’t watched Fredrik Larsson’s “Wind Waker Unplugged” by now, stop reading and push play. I mean it. The twenty-three year-old one-man-orchestra takes on Zelda’s main theme, playing nearly twenty musical parts, and producing one of the most warm homemade renditions I’ve heard. It’s one of those songs that the more you hear, the more it grows on you.

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So You Think You’re the Cooking Mama?


One of the things I can look forward to in the married life is cooking for my hubby! Does that mean I can whip up his favorite dishes yet? Not at all! Until then, I may have to ease him into eating some of my so-called cooking. Thanks to Anna the Red, the real cooking mama, I’ll be making our dishes along with his favorite games. What better way to woo my fianceé in the married life?

(c) AnnatheRed

Smash Bros. bento, Kirby, Yoshi, and Pikachu

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Whoop Whoop Whoop SHINK!!


Put the shank on the ice, no doubt I will usually reply by doing the same  for some fun mindless knife fighting. What more can you expect from our beloved Iceworld? All gaming aside, I’m feeling a bit inspired to share some of my personal RL  favorites. Knives that is. Read more…